GM Andras Adorjan tells of the origins of his thesis — Black is OK. 84 Some Novelties 86 More Novelties 1 03 Lajos Portisch: BLACK IS OK if s(he) finds the right lines! 1 09 Statistics on Andras Adorjan’s Games 1 14 No Dogmas . Has anybody here ever read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is OK” (late 80s), “Black is Still Ok” (early ‘s), “Black is OK Forever” (), and his.

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Experiencing that human life is ephemeral, I was forced to ponder the meaning of us being here. I am currently working these four: It would be interesting to know exactly how many attacks and counterattacks there are in an average football game. Naturally, a lot depends on how one lays the foundation of the game.

Nov 14, For you players that are impressed by flash, this may be a good book.

But I sometimes daydream about another possible turn of events. Apr 30, Obviously I haven’t seen any of your games, but based on your description above it seems to me that if you’ve hit a plateau, you’re struggling with non-forcing play. Of course You are! In criminal law, the suspect is entitled to the presumption of innocence until it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty.

The whole thing is just so naive. I blackk speak to the content of the books at all.

I really appreciate the time and effort taken for that reply. What is the logical outcome of a game if both sides play perfect? Do it while you still can! It’s completely different to hear about an earthquake or a flood killing people.

Nf3 often have no individual significance. Return to Book Page.


People play for a win with the White pieces, because they believe in it. Of course he did not give out which back he considered weak and which he thought were good, you can not expect a tournament player he laid out his views three years ago to do so.

Black Is OK, or the presumption of innocence in the Game of Chess

This is all the same just a number, a momentary heartache, maybe with some feeling of relief – we are ashamed of it, but it’s true – saying “Thank God it did not happen here, with them reading about it over there. I’ve read two of the Chess Evolution books so far and they’re very enjoyable. Is the “Sicilian french variation” the best variation in the Sicilian defence?

It is full of enthusiasm, and his games are energetic; he is not afraid to take risks, and plays very bkack, even in sharp, unclear positions. I could have probably helped you easier in the starting stage. Qb1 with mate in a couple. Take a simple pawn ending: Think what You please, gentle reader, but do believe me that You, in your daily work, are also shaping what is going to be reality tomorrow. So what did this blow of fortune bring me?

It is a well-known fact that you cannot launch an attack without exposing some weaknesses in your own position. A little bit later they say with a heavy sigh: Black Is Still OK! A considerable part aforjan my life, however, has been devoted to efforts to change this, because it is not a necessity! Except if the White player has only one repertoire, and he sticks to it no matter what.

Let the real debate start now! I know this is an old thread, but ThrillerFan, it seems to me your issue isn’t at all finding inventive attacks, deep combinations or bkack and flashy moves, but the rather the opposite. Which colour do you prefer?


Anybody read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is …” books?

Perhaps this is what they call dynamic equilibrium, and this xdorjan well be the basis of the popular wisdom that once BLACK has equalised, he is already better. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This is the difference between human beings and computers. If it requires reading of the first 3 to make this one useful, guess I’ll just forget about it as with the first three out of print, it can be pricey trying to find them.

Black is OK! by Andras Adorjan

Kick-off and the right to launch the first attack are not as important as this. Curiosity that keeps asking somewhere inside “What’s going to become of all this?

Most chess sacrifices are aimed at gaining superiority at a certain part of the board most often in the vicinity of the king. So Adorjjan did not discover anything new; he gave an original and correct interpretation of a well-known phenomenon.

White plays, say, 1. Even in those positions, it is not always the case! I’m in the s, and started that book probably 3 years ago. So, for example, aside from the Quality Chess Puzzle Book, right now, I’m reading the following 4 books:.

It’s usually said about artists that they’re tolerated by the rest of mankind and saved from Hell for their works only. Strategic Play Bishop V Knight: