Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the greatest pleasures of these books is their ability to Branded by Fire: Book 6 (Psy-Challenging) – Kindle edition by Nalini Singh. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Read Branded by Fire online free from your Mobile, Pc. Branded by Fire is a Romance novel by Nalini Singh. Title: Branded by Fire. Author: Nalini Singh. Genre: Paranormal Romance. Publisher: Berkley Publishing Date: July 7, Paperback

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When a select few are willing to sacrifice so many for their cause, it makes me despair. Fairly a good read on it’s own but probably best enjoyed in chronological order as the 6th Changeling-Psy book. I won’t brandsd it. To Have and to Hold.

You know you want to. It will be casual at first but later on the feelings of jealously and possessiveness will make them unable to live without each other.

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Branded by Fire

There are so many different factions and people grabbing for power that it’s hard to see a peaceful way out of this. Other books in this series. Some might call that inconsistency but I call it grist for the writer’s mill.

nalibi It was the fact that she gave Riley hell most of the time for what seemed like no good reason. Even to your mate. View all 3 comments.

Branded by Fire (Psy-Changeling, #6) by Nalini Singh

I can only imagine the control and strength this woman had to have to do what she did when she had cut the ties with Sascha in the first book.


This is definitely not one to miss! Sure the book begins with them already about to take the sheets but that’s after years of knowing each other. I actually want a book based on her, maybe with Anthony? It’s a very real quandary. I know this is a rather long-winded rant. Just enough to remind her cat that he could take her. They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun. I adore the DarkRiver alpha couple. Sep 30, Jilly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Does this book have mpov?

So she goes to blow off some steam and ends up having wild monkey sex with Riley, from the wolf pack. And the heat between her thighs was turning into a pulsing drumbeat.

Ever since the suffering his baby sister experienced at the hands of a monster, the guilt and failure he feels has made him even more somber. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it the first time I’d read it too. Until the moment it explodes in some very intense and sizzling skin to skin action!!! I really dislike antagonistic characters. There are shades of grey. Cat and wolf is strange. For me, at least. It suddenly came to me as an epiphany about Mercy.

And then there is that mysterious book, what is that all about and why was it sent?

Yet, this one book puts Mercy a wereleopard and Riley a werewolf on equal footing both emotionally, and professionally.


If you’re gonna read this book you just have to understand that things in it are different. Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she resists savagely when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, seeks to possess her. Paranormal Holiday Anthology Trio.

Trivia About Branded by Fire Other books in the series. He nipped her again. Contact me General question? No pain, not even a real touch. I felt so bad about it. Mercy decides to talk about her issues with Sascha. But when a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped from DarkRiver Though DarkRiver sentinel Mercy is feeling the pressure to mate, she savagely resists when Riley Kincaid, a lieutenant from the SnowDancer pack, tries to possess her.

June 20, 75 43 Jun 28, Caressed By Ice – To be reviewed. I LOVED the hero and heroine Mercy has become one of my all-time favorite heroinesthe banter, the romance, the cast of secondary characters, the varying points-of-view, and the complex word building. And suddenly he was naked above her.

This is my absolute favorite series of all time. Also in Psy-Changeling Novel, A. In the soft, sensitive place between neck and shoulder. Her cat snarled again. To be honest, all it does is make the heroine look cartoonish.