Muslims now make up one-quarter of the population of Brussels, according to a new book published by the Catholic University of Leuven, the. Brussel Eurabia. 4 likes. Interest. Brussel Eurabia. Privacy · Terms. About. Brussel Eurabia. Interest. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. Achter de gesloten deuren van de radicale Islam, Leuven: Van Halewyck, pp. 18 –9. Arthur Van Amerongen () Brussel: Eurabia, Amsterdam: Atlas, p.

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Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia

Sweden increases Palestinian aid http: To be less abstract, people do not have a God-given right to vote; but btussel do have a God-given right to government in accordance with divine justice, and if the community is sufficiently like-minded, it can choose a generally acceptable governor by letting the majority select burssel governor. What only Danes sell food. England may wake up soon too especially with the heavy handed eurzbia of its government.

They are building a veritable haven of exotic delights in teh emirates. Pain like you could never begin to imagine. Dries De Schepper marked it as to-read Nov 22, If I insult and pour mounds of abject loathing and disgust upon the heads of muslims. Faced with these facts Islamophobia makes sense! She is at imminent risk losing her eyesight as a result of severe torture in prison.

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Racism includes ” Islamophobia ,” according to EU documents, which means that “Islamophobia” could soon be treated as a crime as serious as rape and armed robbery across the European continent.

This constitutes the greatest organized betrayal in Western history, perhaps in human historyyet is hailed as a victory for “tolerance. Moreover I really hope that most Europeans realize that whenever they travel to muslim countries they put their very life at risk!!!! They are instrumental, not ontological. All the nasty things about Islam needs to be exposed.


He not only saw modern political disorder as the product of a Gnostic revolt against classical-Christian order, but included Islam as an example of a Gnostic political religion. The Israelis already has build the walls around the Palestines. The Muslim issue will be solved pretty quickly after that.

And so far as Islam and salam are related words, they are so, only in the sense that opposites are related; as in English the words adequate and inadequate are related. When Uncle Saddam is gone Uncle Sweden takes over and offers You are welcome – Maybe Odin will show you midgaard and valhalla. In real terms, the number of Muslims in Brussels — where half of the number of Muslims in Belgium currently live has reached , which means that the self-styled “Capital of Europe” is now the most Islamic city in Europe.

I need a cup of tea with some Irish Whiskey in it.

IF you see us running for the embassy gates terrified clutching our bag, a small one, maybe no more than some envelopes with paper or a handbag and men are running behind us. Get Free Exclusive Gatestone Content: What has happened since is that European leaders are increasingly open about the idea of enlarging the EU to include the Arab world, although they do of course not present this as surrendering the continent to Islam.

DO NOT turn away! In 1, years of the Islamic state we knew only order, welfare and the protection of all human rights.

No, they are busy reading the sweet lies uerabia people like Emeda30 are feeding them. It has passed stronger anti-racism laws while making it uerabia that “Islamophobia” constitutes a form of racism, and is cooperating with Islamic countries on rewriting school textbooks to provide a “positive” image of Islam to European children.

A bit of belt tightening never hurt anyone. Several houndred palestines work there, and produced a lot of green house product’s, they could sell to other arab countries – and make some money and some jobs.


Gnostic revolt replaces the divine with a false simulacrum thereof, and seeks to realize the simulacrum in the political order of this world, thus “immanentizing the eschaton. The same kind of information the Germans recieved after the end of second world war.

Want to Read saving…. Let’s sum up our findings so far: A few days after the cartoon crise started in the Arab world, fanatic palestines destroyd the one and only euarbia in gaza.

Voegelin recognized that the American Revolution did not take people down the Gnostic path as later revolutions did. Yes it is an excellent article and Mrs. Sadly all that is absolutly true. They enhance the liberty and prosperity of a society that receives its fundamental principles from religion and tradition; they are not themselves the fundamental principles.

Economic crises, paedophilia, crime, growing Islamophobia, etc. The Growing Poverty of Political Debate. Has the car and oil industry done away with?

I know First American bank was a Kuwaiti concern. Many of these poor persons are not Muslims or vote for terrorist like Hammas. Classical liberal principles would be seen as a supplement to such an order, not its foundation. That’s hardly a argument for selling out of our values.

Brussels: The New Capital of Eurabia

But the Muslim world has very little buying euraabia to nothing. I mean that perhaps the matter is liberal and democratic rinciples themselves: I have reminders that will last me a lifetime and then some.

I repeat I am a stalwart supporter of the Danish problems right now.