The Bugei Ryuha Daijiten isn’t just one version, there have been three separate editions, with alterations and corrections as you go, as well as. Modern schools of ninjutsu are schools which offer instruction in martial arts. To a larger or . In , the Bugei Ryūha Daijiten said of the Takamatsu Togakure- ryu,. ” The genealogy of the Togakure-ryu includes embellishments, to the written . Get this from a library! Bugei ryūha daijiten. [Kiyoshi Watatani; Tadachika Yamada;].

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Forum Koryu Dwijiten Koryu: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Not that i heard of such plans, but it would be like christmas and eastern at the same day if this happens. Best Regards Ruediger Meier Uuupps Uuuhh, i’m getting old The BRD lists pretty much eveything, both extant ryu and extinct.

As for translating it for public release, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Outside of the “giving frauds a loaded gun” issue that a large number of people have, just plain old translating it would be a beast of a project that probably no one in their right mind would willingly want to do.

Bugei Ryuha Daijiten

I know I wouldn’t touch that project with ruuha ten foot pole You might be interested to know Watatani’s Bugei Ryuha Daijiten project is being carried on by the Bunbukan research group here in Japan. A huge array of materials were left uncodified at his passing away, which are now continuing to be added to the original text. In addition, densho studies are offered, with present texts including sojutsu series, bokuden-ryu, shinto-ryu and others.

For more information on the Bunbukan, please see: So christmas and eastern will still stay seperat Thank’s for the replies Best Regards Ruediger Meier. I think it would be real pain to translate. It is a good starting point, if you have good enough Japanese and want details about a particular art. I wouldn’t say it is perfect though.

It has a buugei of minimalistic entries style name and one art name only, without any detailsand someone I forget who said here or on the iaido-list that some of the information in it in certain cases is not cross-checked or verified.


So, I would say it is a useful tool, but I doubt everyone needs one, especially if you don’t easily read Japanese, given its price.

I think the Koryu Books ryu guide should provide more information, and slowly but surely grow over the years into an english language version of Watatani. Mark Raugas [This message has been edited by Mark Raugas edited Hi Mark, you’re right, the infos at koryu. It’s also not that i think that, if i own the Bugei Ryuha Daijiten and could read it But sometimes only to own such a book Best Regards Ruediger Meier P.

Author of Bugei Ryuha Daijiten Hello all, I am doing a little informal research at the moment and could use the assistance of this forum’s more experienced members.

Bugei ryūha daijiten (eBook, ) []

The only information that I have been able to locate so far is a blurb in an old article of Hoplos that states that Professor Watatani was “Japan’s foremost authority on the historical development of his country’s martial culture” and that he was “a skilled exponent of kenjutsu who authored more than fifty books about Japanese martial culture”. Thank you for your consideration.

Watatani Kiyoshi was born in Wakayama City in Meiji 36 A descendant of a gunnery instructor Yoshikawa-ryu hojutsu of the Kishu domain, his father was a minister. After his father’s death, he was sent to live with relatives, first in Awajijima and then in Kobe, where he was adopted by the Watatani family.

He graduated from Waseda University and was a member of the the Bungeika Kyokai. He has written and edited more than forty books in a variety of fields, including history, historical novels, interpreting, geography of Edo, research methods?

Modern schools of ninjutsu

Yamada Tadashi was born in Aichi Prefecture in Taisho 12 He became interested in the history of martial arts while he was a student at Tsushima High School. On graduating from a teacher training course at Nagoya Higher Industrial Arts School, he was a teacher at many schools in the area. He began working at a local school for the blind after losing the sight of both eyes.


Draeger once told me that Watatani Sensei was quite skillful with a sword, but I’ve no idea what style he had studied or anything about his martial arts background.

I don’t know anything about Yamada Sensei’s history in martial arts, though I suppose he did something or other at one time in his life. Most men of that time did, if only as part of their compulsory education. Gentlemen, I appreciate your assistance.

Takamatsu and the bugei ryuha daijiten

My ability to read Japanese could only charitably be called elementary. I’m aware of the importance of the BRDJ as a research tool, but had very little information as to the men responsible for it. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Join Date Jun Posts 82 Likes received 0. The website listed above http: Although some people might have praised Watatani as “Japan’s foremost authority on the historical development of his country’s martial culture” we must remember that he was not a scholar.

He was a professional writer with an amateur interest in old martial art texts which he collected and published. Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku Tokyo Educational Universitynow reconsitituted as Tsukuba University, houses Japan’s oldest center for the study of the historical development of martial arts.

Any one of the professors who have been active there people like Imamura Yoshio, Tominaga Kengo, and Watanabe Ichiro made greater rryuha to our understanding of this topic.

William Bodiford Professor Dept. Bodiford, Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my query. The information that you provided was very helpful. Excuse me for reviving this thread. But I thought I’d keep it all in one place. Does this book include the karate of Okinawa and Japan? Prince Loeffler Shugyokan Dojo. All times are GMT. The time now is