DL15 Mists of Krynn (1e) – Krynn – a vast, mysterious planet filled with wonder, beauty, and danger. The home of the best-selling Dragonlance. Dragonlance began life as the vision of game designer Tracy Hickman. DL15 Mists of Krynn () and DL16 The World of Krynn (). DRAGONLANCE® adventure for a well- balanced party between 3d and 5th levels, set in the lands of Nordmaar. Although the adventure is best set a gen-.

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Graphics are representational only. The Dragonlance Nexus does not publish any of the products listed in the Products section. A sourcebook fo… More. This scenario involves a wilderness trek through the savage land of Ergoth in search of the Tomb of Huma, the ancient hero who wielded the dragonlances. Shelve Dragons of Faith. The third book, which is never named, runs through DL10 and DL Wizards continued with its publication of SAGA books throughbut their tenor changed. Shelve Dragons of Despair.

It detailed the continent of Taladas on the other side of Krynn—a setting far enough removed that readers and designer Cook! Originally an external writer was hired, but the design group found themselves more and more disillusioned with his work. They also had great maps.


The War of Souls. By Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito. For more information about this title, please visit the item detail page. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: They were still talking about this idea when Tracy joined TSR.

World of Krynn by Douglas Niles. The project was then developed, under the code name “Project Overlord” to plan the series.

DL15 Mists of Krynn and DL16 World of Krynn on DNDClassics.com!

However, it extended beyond that crisis point into a new age where huge alien dragons had settled upon Krynn and reshaped the land.

This handsome hardcover volume was a massive new tome full of Krynn lore. Shelve Dragons of War.

When this plan reached then head of TSR Gary Gygax it fit well with an idea he had considered of doing a series of 12 modules each based on one of the official Monster Manual dragons. Dragons of Truth by Tracy Hickman.

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Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The other shoe drxgonlance when the powers-that-be at TSR asked for proposals for a trilogy of adventures featuring dragons.


Dragons of War by Tracy Hickman. Shelve Dragons of Desolation. This book, released inprovided resources to allow Dungeon Masters to continue campaigning in the Dragonlance world. Shelve Dragons of Deceit. These modules along with the Dragonlance Dragonlanc trilogy of novels, which follow one possible adventure series through the modules, were the first published items that established the Dragonlance fictional universe.

DL15 Mists of Krynn and DL16 World of Krynn on ! – Dragonlance Nexus

During this period, Weis and Hickman also wrote new Dragonlance novels for Wizards. This printing was available as two slip case sets Dragonlance Volume 1: Each “book” runs through four modules and contains sections of the adventure called chapters which have a drxgonlance numbering system through that individual “book”. Chris Perkins is the Dungeon Master for the amazing group of adventurers now known as the Shelve Dragons of Ice.