KEVIN J. TODESCHI is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), overseeing activities of the . Auras [Edgar Cayce] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. KEVIN J. TODESCHI is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce s Association for Research and Enlightenment .

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Prayer Services back Join Us in Prayer. As soon as we pass on to another subject and the opinion gained in that incarnation passes, the figure disappears.

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One lady I know has a great deal of green in her aura, and she is inclined to dislike green in the aura of others, and place a disagreeable interpretation on it, whereas it is the color of audas and a fine one to have. Lists with This Book.

There is green, but often fringed with red, for sometimes you would like to be in the other fellow’s place, and would like him to be in your place, so that he ‘d caycee what you go through.

Such people take good care of themselves, don’t worry, and learn easily; good mentality is natural in them.

The easiest color to see, as you know, is red. As for the whole chart—the interpretation is more up edgqr the artist—as to its beauty.

Blue Blue has always been the color of the spirit, the symbol of contemplation, prayer, and heaven. That is probably because you think with your fingers, writing so much.


They are happy, friendly, and helpful. Gifts of Life Insurance. Heard says that apparently Homer caught “the slight tinge of edfar in the purple of the Mediterranean,” but did not see edtar predominant blue.

Legacy Giving back Add A. Roopaushree rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Jun 26, Mandy! I believe this indicates that there will be a change in your relationships with certain groups of people soon.

At times you are easily dissatisfied. Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.

Cayce puts it this way note: Without light there would be no life, and no existence. I have been told that with proper equipment it is possible for almost anyone to see an edgr. Those with the deep blue have found their work and are immersed in it. People with orange in their auras are subject to kidney trouble.

In the top put the all-seeing eye, the singleness—the eye—this rather large but balanced with the rest of the design or chart. As the souls of individuals travel through the realms of being they shift and change their patterns as they use or abuse the opportunities presented to them.

You have white with gold, which shows an ability to help others to help themselves. aufas

Nice writing, and of course by the pioneer no less lol I would recommend. In your aura there is a great deal of green, but you often rub it out with blue, then streak it up with red.

Edgar Cayce: Understanding How Colors Affect Our Aura | Spirit Science

Dark red indicates high temper, and it is a symbol of nervous turmoil. Now gray, the color of illness, began to creep into the red, but as he recovered, the gray disappeared and then the blue began to eat up the red. Within a month she was in a hospital, suffering from dayce nervous condition. Mar 30, Vicky rated it liked it Recommended to Vicky by: However, it is seldom a dominating color, usually being over-shadowed by one of its neighbors.


Edgar Cayce Auras an Essay on the Meaning of Colors

At the end there is only a slim connection and the break is easy. It ie more mental than physical.

I hope it won’t entirely edyar the halo, for then I would be fearful that you were leaving us. Indigo and Violet- Indigo and violet indicate seekers of all types, people who are searching for a cause or a religious experience. The moon is the planet of violet and ti is its musical note. I am generally better able to “read” persons I know than strangers, although certain general characteristics of the strangers, strike me immediately.

Edgar could see colors of energy around people, and he believed each color he saw represented an aspect of that person, among other things.

Edgar Cayce Reflections Show. Bookstore-Sponsored Events cayc Conscious Community. We know that opposites attract and likes repel. Patti rated it it was ok Mar 12, Paperback20 pages. What will ccayce mean to us if we make this next evolutionary step?