The front mounted winch fitted to Land-Rover models used different types and style of shear pin: Fairey Winch – uses threaded shear pin. Aeroparts Winch – up to. Unipart House. Cowley, Oxford 0X4 2PG. Telephone: Oxford () Telex: Cables: UNIPART Oxford. FRONT RECOVERY CAPSTAN WINCH. Capstan Winch for Series II lla, and III Land Rovers -. ✓. PAS. Supplied and Manufactured by: AEROPARTS ENGINEERING CO. LTD., (R.T.Z.-Pillar Group).

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Series Landrover Fairey Capstan Winch – Complete Setup

I don’t think that the Ebay ones will sell at that price, but it is interesting to see them listed there. I think those kind of winches look great on series landys, they just look good. Needs some other parts for it. I got all the parts I needed and Tomaco got a donor truck. One bearing for the worm shaft of the Aeroparts Capstsn Winches.


Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Driving Plate. The PTO driven one acpstan out ok for all involved. This is the web link to PG who are able to supply parts. Offline Tony Sims Member.

Fairey Capstan winch – video & value? | Land Rover UK Forums

Fairey Capstan Winch – Actuating Spring. Originally Posted by evilfij. You require 2 per winch. What is a fair price for the setup? A complete front recovery capstan winch. Should have asked, how is it driven, mechanically capstaan electramactricity??? June 4th, Want to take the LR plunge, opinions on Thread starter JayHoe Start date May 10, It is missing the bracket that holds the ‘drive arm’ in line with the pulley but when manually inserted works fine as seen in the video.

Landrover Winches: Mechanical Capstan Winches

Please note that the part number is for the selector lever kit The time now is For sale is a Landrover Defender ex mod Capstan Winch. Double post – Value of Fairey Capstan wnich A reproduction gasket for the Fairey Capstan Winch. Disadvantage – if your engine won’t start, the winch won’t go. You currently have 0 posts.


Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Drive Line 2. This offer will contain: This winch can be used on Series Landrovers as well.

Aeroparts Capstan Winch – Clevis Assembly. It spins with the winch when engaged.

Originally Posted by TS White Salmon, Fakrey Posts: I would also include the A-bar mount for the front bumper. November 8th, This part is made from stainless steel. Messages 3, Points Age