Frequently asked questions about FCMA soft starters. 1. What is the difference between an FCMA and conventional magnetic amplifier or saturable core reactor . User case study on starting of pumps with FCMA soft starters on captive power in sponge iron plant with a view to save capital cost and maintenance cost. Fcma Soft Starter manufacturers – ELTECH ENGINEERING is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Fcma Soft Starter, Soft Starters, wholesale Fcma Type Soft.

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B] Transformer starting Considerations — Transformer p. Fault currents observed on neutral side are very low and thus this model becomes technically safer. We at Lecon Energetics understand this and customize every application.

Standard models will be 3 to 3. This aspect is thoroughly tested and certified while testing in India and Europe.

Such as the impact of the water pump, when the pump stops suddenly, the water flow Bypass contactor operation can be time, Current or speed based. Eltech Engineering can design and build enclosures CNC Fabricated to meet particular specifications, and we offer full application engineering support at all stages of the design process.

Harmonics adds to extra line current and odd Harmonics creates breaking torque.

Smooth steady operation improves the life of mechanical system like Pump, compressor, fans, blowers etc. Which model suits you Line Side or Neutral side? The fraction of energy that can be tapped is proportional to the voltage drop in the FCMA module and the motor current.


Fcma Soft Starter,Fcma Type Soft Starter,Soft Starters Manufacturers Maharashtra

Claims of this technology are zero harmonics in power. Please see the following pages for reference. Starting current up to less than 1. View Contact Call Seller Now. This is popularised under FCMA technology by some manufacturers.

Thursday, May 13, Blogger Buzz: FCMA Soft starter The softest start for your electrical motor, with a constant, stepless acceleration and without harmonics. The softest start for your electrical motor, with a wtarters, stepless acceleration and without harmonics. Get in Touch with us Eltech Engineering. FCMA soft starter are stepless voltage reducing starters which ensure a constant low starting current with incremental voltage and torque to the vcma to achieve a continious and smooth acceleration of the drive.

Saves revenue expenditure by way of better fuel efficiency when prime mover like Diesel Generator is optimized. Established inEltech Engineering is established with the aim to be the absolute best industrial electrical solution provider.

how a soft starter works?

Types of Soft Starters Various reduced voltage starting options have been available. We have an extensive range of products enabling us to deliver straight forward solutions for simple applications or fully advanced products for complex requirements.

Hope you have ome more information on the subject. I have talked to many users they are satisfied with FCMA technology as it requires nearly no maintenance Motor thermal withstand curve. Salient features of Fcma Soft Starters: Site Explorer Site Explorer. Starting current — 1.


Number of Employees startters to 25 People. The FCMA is connected in series with the motor either on the line or sofh side, so that the starting current is limited to a low value. Kanti, your observations are very correct, 20 years back this was the only easily manufacturable solution with transformer like structure and cheap.

Posted by Hitesh Vadnagare at 3: Neutral side connection Low fault level on neutral side, highly economical, easy retrofitting on existing installations, Can be located near the motor. Widely used Cost effective Flawless performance Easy installation Precisely engineered.

how a soft starter works?

Load rotating inertia gd2. About Me Hitesh Vadnagare View my complete profile. An additional coil protection relay is provided for additional safety.

Soft Starter Panels in Pune. Customization Expertise in application engineering. Suitable for extreme weather conditions. The bypass device is designed for bypass duty i. To further reduce the line startesr, MC winding could be used. Indigenous components and magnetic flux control technology. Optimized power system gives savings capital in cost and savings in revenue expenditure due to increased efficiencies. The MC winding is magnetically coupled to the main winding and ER winding.