I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all. I keep track of conditions ( gear/weather/etc) as well as scores and I don’t do them often. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until August 17th, . Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until February 13th, Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger.

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Had to shoot at a full run across the targets, two shots per target. January 11th, I don’t care how other people do on them.

The Hackathorn standards

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If you are anticipating the shot then when you land and fire on a snap cap during live fire you will see the front site jump!

Of training axioms, truths and standards. I’ve not shot them end to end for score but I’ve broken them down and shot elements of it for stajdards.

Actually, it might be interesting to see how just badly I do as a complete beginner. This is a Great Qual course!!! Troy, IIRC was ztandards first time score on this. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you want something new to really test your skills, the Hackathorn Standards.

Hackathorn Standards

My cousin just bought some land right beside us he lives across the street Join Date Sep Membership Hackathorj We’re sorry. Focus on the basic fundamentals, put all the other bullshit out of your mind and do a mental check of your fundamentals prior to shooting the course of fire.


Picture hosting, Exclusive club forum, Premium recognition, and more website access are only a click away! What keeps me from going up a level in IDPA is the distance stuff at 25 yards.

One of those drills was the Hackathorn Standard, this was hacoathorn first time I’ve given it a try. Manage Follow Preferences Loading Originally Posted by renegadephoenix. A few of them where just shy. Originally Posted by SteveD. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Digg del.

You must log in or register to reply here. This will improve your skills in the longer range shooting. I don’t know what watching someone else ace it means though. Back to Training Drills and Classifier Talk. As is standard for standard current level of skill, I was pretty accurate but my weapons manipulation wasn’t remotely fast enough to get a passing grade. But we did the above mentioned drill or one very close to it as often as we could.

I have my scores somewhere! Have not done it myself yet, but come spring where I have access to an open outdoor range, I plan to. But hxckathorn you modify the standards, then you can’t say you cleaned a drill you modified I cuss to much and swing kettlebells most every day, would love to combine hackathhorn things with face shots!


I carry standaeds gun because a cop is too heavy. I assume that all stages start from draw? The Hackathorn standards Shawn, if your shooting friday evening indoors, i’m there.

Forum Discussion General The Hackathorn standards. Join Sfandards Apr I believe my score on this was or so. Just figuring out if you are doing this almost corrects itself. Prob would have added a few points there as I had 3 B’s, but if Stancards would have shot faster and got more B’s I could have avioded some OT. I view “The Hack” not as a training drill but as a solid way to validate your range training and gauge progress over time.

You must be signed in to continue. March 22nd, It is funny to do this to someone unaware and watch their reaction!!! Search Advanced Search section: This will show you how bad your fundamentals get when you are firing all the rapid fire and point shoot stuff. I’m thinking this might be a good one to use to measure my progress over time. Uproarious laughter form those observing!!!

Premium Membership Required Access to this requires a premium membership. This is very common even for expert shooters. Keep in mind that that is Ben Stoeger The stronger your muscles are The shooting specific muscles required for shooting the smaller the groups.