Friedemann Tischmeyer: Internal Mixing (Book/DVD) (Friedemann Tischmeyer, Tischmeyer Publishing, Books and DVDs / Videos, 08 August , ATKIME2). Internal Mixing 2nd Revised English Edition [Friedemann Tischmeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Internal Mixing: Der systematische Weg zum professionellen Mixdown im Rechner by Friedemann Tischmeyer and a great selection of related.

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Please fill out all required fields. It is not in german.

Internal Mixing: Module 1 – Introduction |

I would appreciated so much! Regarding the length of this series it might be worth to include this option? Once logged inyou will be able to click on those chapter titles and jump around in the video. Anyway, it’s probably a good course I read the german book and I liked it very much.

Yes I guess I should have read this. I will have to watch this again after I’ve had the chance to digest and try out what was given.

Internal Mixing : How to create a professional mix on your computer – a systematic approach

There was a lot of good informations already just the first 11 minutes of the video. I struggled stay concentrated with the overdubbed voice and extremely slow pace of the whole thing. For us german speaking folks it is extremely distracting to listen to the english voiceover while having the german original in the background.


There was a lot to take in and a lot to think about. This module is an Introduction into the concept of the 3 dimensions, defining the objective of the mix, retrospective, technical prerequisites for a good sound, the importance of bit depth and delivering the mix master to the mastering studio. Yischmeyer its technical, but its a awesome series, will dig in deeper when I watch again!

Still learning stuff innternal so I suppose thats what counts. Please see below our membership plans or add this video to your shopping cart.

Its all good information and advice but the presentation is pretty dry tischmeyeer not the most engaging. What do you have to say? I am typing down and writing down some principles in mixing while watching it: Thank you very much indeed for offering this series. I’m really looking forward to the next installment!!!

Internal Mixing : Friedemann Tischmeyer :

Hey Puremix, any chance to get the original german audio stream for this video series? The presentation in this video seems a lot more technical and maybe not as much fun as watching Fab’s videos So that should not be a problem.


One suggestion regarding the AudioTechKnowledge videos, it would be great to have the choice if the video is with or without english voiceover.

Great site, great information, thanks! Terms of use pureMix Online Inc. Module 1 – Introduction.


But 24 is already pretty good. But a “bad smell” is left It’s not for download. Parts of this site and some files are only accessible to pureMix Pro Members or available to purchase.