A tutorial on using subreports in Jaspersoft’s iReport Designer; example runs several queries each mapping to a different subreport. Feeds · Video. This site. A subreport is a report within a report; thus, providing a way to generate a report that includes data on the target IMSMA item as well as data on other IMSMA. There are a few steps to adding a subreport to iReport. I will do my best to step by step explain. STEPS: 1) Make blank report with the values that will be used as.

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This allows the creation of very complex layouts with different portions of a single document filled using different data sources and reports. In the following step use the option “Use the same connection used to fill the master report” which should be subfeport by defaut.

Currently there are no subpages here. Please help me by giving an example. The item in the main report is the primary item for which you would like to find linked items.

Understanding Subreports

Set it to the field Kreport. In the report inspector right click the Parameters node and select Add Parameter. Subreports are compiled and filled just like normal reports. How to add subReports in iReport Posted on July 2, at It is used only when the subreport template needs a database connection during report filling phase.

This feature allows incorporating a report within another report, that is, one report can be a subreport of another. You can think of the Subreport element as a place holder defining the position of the top-left corner to which the subreport is aligned.


The return type has to be congruent with ireportt parameter type declared in the subreport; otherwise, an exception of ClassCastException will occur at run time. For JasperReports to retrieve data and fill the subreport, you have to set the subreport data source. As cited below, you have the option of directly providing a parameters map to be used with the subreport; the Parameters Map Expression allows you to define an expression, the result of which must be ireporh java.

This is an example of nested reports, i.

The subreport expression specifies the location of the Jasper file used to generate the subreport. For example, an education may have education details such as the education type, total audience, and percentage of women and men.

You are now ready to run your main report. String objects as the subreport template source, representing file names, URLs, or classpath resources. The process for creating a report on an item and its linked items is similar to the process for creating a report on items with a Location relationship. ValueExpression — JasperReports expression ireportt the parameter.

Understanding Subreports | Jaspersoft Community

This has the effect of limiting the subreport records to only those surbeport that have a link to the guid or object passed from the main report. Parametrize the Jasper file location and create on-the-fly the real absolute path of the file to load. Double click to open and hit add.

Default value for attribute calculation is “Nothing”. Therefore, the parameter technique is not suitable when every record of the master report has its own subreport unless there is only one record in the master report. The contents of the file build. The new subreport element will be placed irepoet the detail, adjust its size the width must be set to pixels and the position so it can fit in the available space see figure To do this, click the Edit Parameters button on the Subreport tab of the Properties view to open the Subreport Parameters dialog.


Create SubReports

You can use fields, parameters, and variables. Create a subreport — Create and compile a subreport. When creating a report where the main report is a Location and the subreport is one of the associated objects the Location’s guid is passed to the subreport in a parameter and ireportt subreport can use a special ImsmaQuery language syntax to limit the subreport data to those associated with the main report’s location:.

The gray background is obtained using a frame element that contains the two fields.

Here, we have declared two fields ‘city’ and ‘street’ and respective getter and setter methods are defined. If you want you can run this report to see the result. I will do my best to step by step explain. A similar approach is used to set a value for subreport parameters.

Jun 15 – Allows you to define how to store values in local variables calculated or processed in the subreport such as totals and record count. Views Read View source Subreeport history.