: Bangkok 8: A Royal Thai Detective Novel (1) (): John Burdett: Books. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. Witnessed by a throng of.

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It is very untidy and a major contributor to the untidiness are the books. How can her surname be given by the royal family or be as significant? Minutes later, only one is alive: So when Sonchai returns, as he doubtless will in a third book, perhaps he can do so bangook an author’s pre-emptive note and without feeling the bufdett to deliver lectures on the sex trade which slow down the plot for those readers in the west who may or may not be suffering from post-industrial despair.

Unfortunately, they become promises quickly unfulfilled. That is, despite being so terribly preoccupied with literal banging. James Ellroywho writes the sort of novels I most dislike, calls this book, “The last, most compelling word in thrillers. The very first sentence tells us the victim will die from cobra venom, although you might need to be conversant with the Latin name of the snake to be sure. Do not think there is much discussion of books, however.

I won’t even hint at what happened. Bangkok 8 – September View all 14 comments. John Burdett is a British crime novelist. I am frankly fascinated by Buddhism and therefore also intrigued by the possibility of previous lives, but one has to draw a distinction between Buddhist doctrine and the way it is popularly interpreted in a country like Thailand which still has a pre-Buddhist tradition of Hinduism and animism India was very influential in the region in the past and is said to have first introduced prostitution to Thailand in 17th century— and that the Thais took to it like ducks to water.


The initial murder scene and the punishment mete out to the bad guy were original. An encounter with an embassy official, for example, leads to this unexpected reverie: A born “outsider”, he is also seemingly unbribeable, which increases his alienation from his colleagues.

Above all else, however, Sonchai’s Buddhism permeates the text. They have been widely praised for the breadth and depth of understanding of a number of different cultures. Lots of references to sex and the sex trade, but we are never invited to witness any. Renton suggests that the industry generates two sets of fantasies: Sonchai has spent much of his childhood in Europe and the U. And he pushes her to finally reveal the identity of his father. Different from anything I’ve read in crime fiction.

For the English cricketer, see John Burdett cricketer. Burdett is adept at playing with mysteryin every sense of the word, wreaking a subtle mischief on reader expectations. Thailand should have been a fascinating setting, especially to a middle-American dork like myself, but burdeyt characters talked and often thought like western clods.

Bangkok Eight

He admits it himself in the forward. Its not Marquez or Allende or Ghosh, but there is something here. I rather dare say that I might even be sacarstic about my own country. Passive language gives way to lackluster depiction.

Dec 01, Kdeuxoxo rated it did nohn like it Recommends it for: There is bangkko author’s note at the start of John Burdett’s first novel, the much-lauded Bangkok 8, which introduced us to his hard-living Buddhist detective, Sonchai Jitpleecheep.

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Bangkok 8 by John Burdett | : Books

And I also love a good Buddhist philosophy book. This is not from a Thai mindset, my friends, Burdett made this up on his banvkok accord.

Apart from the Anglo-Saxon brudett traditions with which he was brought burdegt, Burdett has shown considerable familiarity with Confucian, Buddhist, Latin and North African societies, due to his extensive travels. As I said above, I’m not expecting top quality writing from a thriller, but there are much better thrillers out there than banhkok one.

And now, after the death of his partner, he’s seeking karmic revenge against the person responsible for the murder. Sonchai’s mother, Nong, is a whore who comes from Petchabun. The novels involve Thailand’s sex industry and the red-light districts of Bangkok. Bangkok 8 Lib CD Author s: My mother tounge is Thai. More like a whatwillshedonext. Nov 18, Bill rated it really liked it Recommends it for: By page 25, readers are being disabused by Sonchai of any preconceptions they might have on the subject.

Stating the obvious

I thought the murderer was obvious pretty early on, so I probably would not have kept reading except that this was a bookclub selection. Below is the explaintaion Pretentious. Read it to blow your mind. The hospitality and good nature of the people is legendary and very seductive, so I guess the answer is yes.