Every time you install JomSocial component, all available plugins will be installed You will neet to publish plugins manually using Joomla plugin manager. Manual 0 User Group Leaving the generate options Am @ Manual 0 set to Auto will automatically generate usernames, passwords, e-mails, user groups. What Is Email Beautifier? Installation & Upgrading instructions Letting Email Beautifier Handle JomSocial Emails or removing Templates from JomSocial email.

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JA Mood supports multiple layouts by default: Download the package and install to your site. Once you assign layout for a template style, you can start configuring the layout.

The page uses default layout so we don’t need to create template style for the page, just assign JA Mood – Default template style for EasySocial menu item. From your back-end setting panel, go to: Manaul customization in the T3 plugin is not recommended. During development process, Localhost is preferred. Step 2 – Upgrade JA Mood template to latest version. Please always make a back-up before proceeding to any of the upgrade process.

Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:. Documentation is a WIP. JomSocial is commercial extension so you will need to buy it from JomSocial. In the “Responsive Configuration”, select the responsive layout you want to configure layout for.

Here is the structure of the supported layouts.

Content of EasySocial Login login page is loaded from modules. Step 1 – check the new version of JA Mood template.


The masthead of the page is using JA Masthead module so create JA Masthead module and add menu item, title, description and background for the menu item. Each video article has “Video” tab that contain fields to add video details. Content of JomSocial login page is loaded from modules. You can use the following servers on your PC to develop your site.

Here is the instruction to configure the extension as the demo site. When you install T3 Framework, it’s auto enabled by default.


You can assign the custom style to the pages you want. JA Msnual template supports Easysocial component. We only pay attention to conflicted files – files that have been modified by both user and developer.

Make sure the module is assigned to displayed in the corresponding menu item in the Menu Assignment tab or you just assign the module to display in all page. There are 2 configuration panels: Recommendation Any customization in the T3 plugin is not recommended. This section is to help you understand the folder structure of JA Mood template, where to find the files you want. The quickstart allows you to replicate JA Mood demo to your server.

Content of Home page page is loaded from modules.

Homsocial JA Mood template demo, we use default settings. We’ll try to cover them all. The custom style of EasySocial is store in an independent. The section will help you with steps to install JA Mood template – Quickstart and Manual installation. You can find the folder structure of T3 Framewotk at: You should compare the changes before upgrading. Step 2 – Database: You can check this by going to: The page uses social-home layout so we need to create template style and assign the social-home layout.


We highly recommend you to use stable version of Joomla 3. Layout Structure configuration and responsive layout configuration. In the responsive layout configuration, you can disable any position you don’t want to show in the layout. The best way to create template is cloning JA Mood default template style.

JA Mood | Joomla Templates and Extensions Provider

You can install multilingual in the step. In any JA Mood template style, open the Add-ons tab and assign the pages you want to load the custom style. There are 2 video sources supported: EasySocial is commercial extension so you will need to buy it from stackideas. For logo, you can select to use image logo or text logo. From back-end, go to: If you have any specific request or feedback as well as suggestions, manua free to drop us a line in JA Mood template forum.

Mankal can also select different logo for mobile view.