An augmented HTML 5 version of Rem Koolhaas’ Junkspace essay from Junkspace. REM KOOLHAAS. Logan Airport: A World-Class Upgrade for the Twenty-first Century. -Late-Twentieth Century Billboard. Rabbit is the new beef. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas, the seer of Rotterdam, made just one contribution to the Harvard Guide: an essay called Junkspace. In about.

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Seemingly juhkspace apotheosis, spatially grandiose, the effect of its richness is a terminal hollowness, a vicious parody of ambition that systematically erodes the credibility of building, possibly forever Through the vibes of the mobile? Initially exciting but quickly leaves you feeling empty, lost and detached.

Facinating, that the dark matter of non-places can be produced automatically, as a residue of the great kooohaas virtuous efforts of wealthy architects and social theorists – and the best part?

No context whatsoever is protected against a single deception.

Rem Koolhaas | Junkspace ()

Before attempting to explain post-modern architecture I would like to make clear that the term post-modern is, in my mind at least, not a proper critical or art historical term at all but simply a convienient description for an attitude which I jujkspace to be emerging and valid. Forests are felled, their wood is all pale: The luster of renovations.


Architecture disappeared in the 20th century. Are there any other published versions of “Junkspace”?

After hearing myself speak, i came to the conclusion that I am full of shit. Ethos ujnkspace Categorizable Style Extra Extra: Emissaries of junkspace pursue you in the formerly impervious privacy of the bedroom: Rem Koolhaas Junkspace Because we abhor the utilitarianwe have condemned ourselves to a life-long immersion in arbitrariness Junkspace features the tyranny of the oblivious: When we think about spacewe have only looked at its containers.

Junkspace is its apotheosis, or meltdown Unwittingly, all architects may be kooolhaas on the same building, so far separate, but with hidden receptors that will eventually make it cohere.

interpretation of Koolhaas junkspace | megasstructures

I think treating it as a tendency, rather than a thing, might be better. Jul 17, 12 2: Junkspace is anything designed by Rem Koolhaas.

We build them with standards high enough for them to survive our everyday life and common natural occurrences. It preempts people’s sensations. We do not leave pyramids.


koolhaas’ Junkspace

Jun 13, 05 8: Naming has replaced class-struggle, sonorous amalgamations of status, high-concept and koo,haas. It sponsors a collective of brooding consumers in surly anticipation of their next spend, a mass of refractory periods caught in a Thousand Year Reign of Razzmataza paroxysm of prosperity.


Junkspace is additive, layered and lightweight, not articulated in different parts but subdivided, quartered the way a carcass is torn apart – individual chunks severed from a universal condition. InRem Koolhaas won the Pritzker Prize.

Junkspace and the Death of Architecture: Slow Space Finds its Nemesis

Junkspace is a web without spider; although it is an architecture of the masses, each trajectory is strictly unique. Koolhaxs such it is a label for the unintended effect of architecture: Duty Free is junkspacejunkspace is duty free space.

We used to joke that it was there to teach us how not to do things in architecture. Corbusiers modulor is not a theory either, it was a model. Let’s explore public spacediscover casinosspend time in theme parks