Sri Karthika Puranam By TVL Narsimharao Online. Book Details: Language: Telugu Published, Publication Date. Karthika Puranam details the rituals and customs to be performed during to read Kartika Purana, please click the link below to read in English. Karthika Puranam in Telugu. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. Loading Additional Information. Updated. July 3, Size. M. Installs. 50+. Current.

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Pakirareddy: KARTIKA MASAM

About Me kurri Friendly, trying to be spiritual most of the time, desire not to harm anybody by thought, word and deed. During these five days Lord Vishnu is worshipped and people fast and on the fifth day of Uttuvana Ekadasi, they break their fast and immediate next day they celebrate the Tulsi vivaham with Lord Vishnu. Waking up early in Brahmi muhartham 4. Karkasa however makes use of the situation and continues to be enjoying in the presence of other men.

Devotees follow Nakabhukta or Ekabhuktam during the whole month of Kartik. Those who would like to read Kartika Purana, please click the link below to read in English http: Would you like to tell us about a lower price? They are initial starting five days of Karthik Masam and 5 days before pournima. Karthika Masam helps the devotee to understand and embrace the thought that there is no difference between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and they both are one.

Devotees should not eat non vegetarian food for whole month of Karthik. Dhanams like vastradhanam, Swarnadhanam, ghodhanamto yield good results.


Karthika Masam: Karthika Puranam for Salvation!

It is very good opportunity for http: She even began to have physical relationships with other men disregarding her husband and in-laws. It is ennglish in Hindu scriptures that Karthika Masam is a sin destroying month.

They will have breakfast at nights. It is an auspicious festival to observe Naga Puja. She even made men to get her money grabbed from their wives. Get iarthika, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The significance of Deepa dhanam is mentioned in Padma Puranam where a mouse, due to its hunger tried to eat ghee from the lamp offered to Lord Vishnu by devotees.

The Brahmin, using his power, gets to know the whole episode of the dog, and tells it about what has happened in the past. She is banged in her head with a hot mace for killing her husband. As days pass by, pufanam takes more advantage of the gentleness of Misra Sharma and begins to shout at and even beat Misra Sharma.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Rivers receive fresh waters from the rainy season covering Shravan and Bhadrapada Masam’s and overflow banks, it is hence prohibited to take bath in rivers in those months.

These deepams are called as Dwadasa deepams. The temple priest reads out the story and they are offered Vayanalu and swayampakalu. Nag Panchami and Nagasashti are also performed after Nagula Chavithi. Even a single lamp lit to the God in this month with devotion, destroys all sins piled by them equaling yugas.

This year Kartika Masam starts on a Monday and ends on a Monday which is not very common, hence it is extra special this year. These 10 days are very significant days. But if we can at least practice few of the rituals and do simple Pooja, keeping our homes and mind clean and occupied by God’s chanting.


One day, one of her comforts tells her that they are meeting at odd times because of her husband and that they can enjoy even better when her husband is not there.

Various Hindu sacred texts have mentioned the list of basic rituals and customs of Kartika masam. It is observed in ‘Shraavana Nakshatram’ which usually comes on pournami day in Karthika Masam. Combined Tolerant Inter -Religious Traditions.

KARTHIKAPURANAM – Kindle edition by C UMA DEVI. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

We attain bliss when we worship them in one form. Devotees recite at least one chapter of Karthika Puranam everyday.

One can see an amazing site as every house gleams vibrantly with lots of diyas. Kartuika is a festival of serpent Gods and is mainly done by women. Devotees offer milk, and fruits and offer Arthis near the putta snake pits.

Karthika vratham normally includes the following rules: The section was elaborated about what to do during the month and how to start about. If devotees are not able to do so, they follow this purnam at least on auspicious days like Karthik Monday, karthika Pournami etc.