Lürzer’s Archive is a bi-monthly magazine for the advertising industry which features advertising campaigns for print and TV from around the world. Lürzer’s Archive, New York, New York. 84K likes. Established in , Lürzer’s Archive magazine curates exceptional ad campaigns from print, TV and. Exceptional campaigns showcased in Lürzer’s Archive magazine. We told you that we picked the best jurors for Luerzer’s Grand Slam

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Lürzer’s Archive – about-us

A jury specially convened for each volume selects from the work submitted the items they consider to be the best. Like the campaign idea though. And don’t worry about that.

Did you really experience a disruption? Mar 12, – I feel the same way. Mar 02, – 9: Now that I read all the comments and understand what it’s about, I have to say I love these!

With this in mind, we have just released the brand new apps for iPhone and iPad. Guy looks like a crash test dummy. Check him out, hes pretty good www. To help mmagazine get the most out of your Archive, we are constantly seeking to inspire by developing not only our content but also the channels through which we come to you. What a great line! I can’t explain why, but I somehow felt forced to find out Mar 04, – Keep me signed in.



Tony Granger Art Directors: Dont know if they have them here in Holland. Mar 03, – 9: And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam.

In return for a share of the costs, all those selected are subsequently maggazine to have their work published. Inwe added a further title – ” Best Packaging Design” – to the product range.

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Vogue Elle Fanning’s Fan Fantasy. Go on, check the site and try to maagazine how to buy one: With ” Best Automotive Ads Worldwide” we have begun to target not only top creatives but also leading industry decision-makers, and will continue to do so in the future by assembling specials dedicated to specific categories and sectors with a view to broadening our audience reach still further.

Mar 03, – 7: Mar 06, – 4: Creative Inspiration and Award Show Updates.

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Even an agency of Katmandu have. Mar 02, – Why did thy have to use the symbols — the real people would have worked much better, if you ask me. Mar 02, – 7: Lurzers Archive On the contrary, 5. Man, this magazine is worlwide. Jul 11, – On these, we present more than issues of pure creativity, featuring more than 50, outstanding print campaigns and over 8, full-screen spots in first-rate HD quality, making this new app the ultimate in sheer ad-loving indulgence.


Lurzers International Archive Magazine

Lurzers Archive On the contrary, 7. Titles in this series are published every two years. National Federation of the Blind Basel Braille.